Night Moscow / 2013

On Saturday, 27 July, IB Translations team will toe the line in the Night Moscow race. Our crew is made of Konstantin Golota (mechanic and driver), Yulia Golota (navigator and observer who took over from the experienced Pavel Ezhov), Oleg Kulikov (passenger and assistant), Ekaterina Kulikova (Twitter commentator), and Ekaterina Andreeva (long-time fan and spectator).
We invite everyone to support our team!

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Night Moscow is a challenging night race, which last year saw some 60 crews try and complete an intricate route in just three hours. Traditionally, the race starts at the Ukraina Hotel.

Last year’s event saw 77 crews, 14 of which ran a shortened race in the special Veterans category (cars manufactured before 1945). Of 63 participants, 12 raced out of competition due to not being manufactured before 1970 as required, and three were disqualified. We came in 34th out of 48 contestants in our group and ranked 30th according to the preliminary results.

We were a bit disappointed with the race's final results, and now we are looking forward to the new competition and achievements!

Traditionally, we'll be driving ZAZ-965A V4 887 Pumpkin Special LE decked out in the corporate colours of IB Translations. Our engineers have thoroughly prepared it for the race and now it is ready to hit the road. The car’s air-cooled MeMZ-966A carbureted engine assembled at the Melitopol Engine Plant can produce up to 30 hp and more when accelerating downhill. Our ZAZ leverages the most advanced technologies, including a rear engine to ensure ideal weight distribution like in Formula One cars (street-legal Porsche and Ferrari are designed in the same way), hydraulic brakes, ignition coil, and turn signals.

Konstantin Golota: “This time, we expect a more successful showing. We count on our intense training and preparations to help us make it to the Top 10 and fight for a podium in our category. At least this is what we hope for...”

Yulia Golota: “Yay! The previous race was a lot of fun! This time we'll read the map more carefully and do our best not to fail at the third stage.”
Ekaterina Andreeva: “I was greatly impressed by the start of the L.U.C. Chopard Rally and all those brightly coloured, well-polished luxury cars. Now I'm looking forward to the next race in which Pumpkin Special and IB Translations team will hopefully show their best!”
Videos from the start and throughout the entire race will be available from 7:00 pm on 27 July at
We invite everyone to visit the pre-start expo of cars and to wave off our Pumpkin Special.

The participants will be gathering at the starting point in the vicinity of the Ukraina Hotel ( from 6:00 pm on Saturday. See you there!

Forward towards the victory of communism!

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