Other projects
Other projects

Team sponsor

IB Translations
+7 495 984-35-10

The sky-blue colour of ZAZ 965A V4 887 Pumpkin Special LE matches the corporate colours of IB Translations, the team’s sponsor.

IB Translations offers interpretation and written translation services for investment banks and the wider business community. The company translates for some of Russia’s most well-known corporations as well as leading international financial institutions. Just like our racing team, our translations are quick, reliable, and renowned for their impeccable style.

Our projects

Museum of Soviet Calculators

The team’s owner is Konstantin Golota, who is also a die-hard collector of vintage calculators. His private collection, which totaled 50+ items in 2015, helped pave the way for the Museum of Soviet Calculators, which is housed at Moscow’s Museum of Soviet Gaming Machines at: 12 Kuznetsky Most St.

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