The IB Translations team has been participating in classic rallies for the last six seasons. Its strategy and philosophy are underpinned by three pillars: tradition, modesty, and style (all of which come through clearly in both the crew and the car).

The crew is comprised of a driver and a co-driver working closely together (no other way, really – given the Zaporozhets’ size). The driver is team owner Konstantin Golota, who has been behind the wheel since 2016, and the co-driver is Mikhail Tsyferov. Besides their shared passion for speed, they both run companies: Konstantin is a partner at IB Translations, and Mikhail is the CEO of Petrovax.

The car – ZAZ-965A V4 887 Pumpkin Special LE – was made by the Zaporozhye Automobile Plant in 1967 to mark the 50th anniversary of the October Revolution. No major changes have been made to its design over its 5-year racing career – a wise decision that’s not only made it eligible for classic rallies, but also won it the love and support of many fans. The instantly recognisable curves and optimistic sky-blue colour fill the onlookers with nostalgia for the carefree childhood, happy adolescence, or – for some – the 50th anniversary of the October Revolution.

Hall of Fame

During the 2018 season, the team won four cups in the Classic Car Rally Club (CCRC) Final – the race winner’s cup, the CCRC Cup, and the driver and co-driver cups – all nice additions to the hall of fame. Other milestones in the team’s racing career can be viewed in the Statistics section.

1st place

in the driver ranking of season ’19

1st place

in the co-driver ranking of season ’19

Racing Cup CCRC

Season ’18

2nd place — driver

Offset Old-Timer Series Retro Rally CCRC 2018

3rd place — co-driver

Offset Old-Timer Series Retro Rally CCRC 2018

Finals of the Racing Cup CCRC 2018

1st place in the ranking Old-Timer

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