During the 2018 season, the team won four cups in the Classic Car Rally Club (CCRC) Final – the race winner’s cup, the CCRC Cup, and the driver and co-driver cups – all nice additions to the hall of fame. Other milestones in the team’s racing career can be viewed in the Statistics section.

1st place

1st place

Cup 2018

2nd place

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1st place

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in the driver ranking
of season ’18
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11th place

IB Translations team [almost] cracks the Top 10 at L.U.C. Chopard Classic Weekend Rally.

Last Sunday, on 31 May, IB Translations team took part in yet another classic car rally.

12th place in the Oldtimer standing (14th place in the overall standing)

We finished 14th in the Classic Car Rally Club Final 2015 and 12th in our group, with 41 and 31 teams competing, respectively. Despite missing one race, we successfully completed the season making it into the Top 10 in the team standings, while also ranking among the best 15 drivers and co-drivers.

Classic Car Rally Club Final 2015

At 10 am on Sunday, 20 September, the IB Translations team will start off in the 2015 Classic Car Rally Club Final


This year's classic rally turned out to be a short one for both organisers and teams. The original plan was to compete in two out of three races of the season, but with an extra race added by the organisers, the team is back to the track. We finished fourth, barely missing the podium, in the season’s first event – the Classic Car Rally Club, delivering the team’s best performance so far. In the Chopard Rally, we came in seventh, but ended up in the 11th place due to a judging error. More than fifty crews contest in a typical race, which makes our results quite impressive. Next Sunday will see us compete in the season’s closing event – the Classic Car Rally Cup Final in Skolkovo. Our crew: Mikhail Tsyferov (driver) and Konstantin Golota (co-driver).

L.U.C. Chopard Classic Weekend Rally

At 1 pm on Sunday 24 May and 12:30 pm on Sunday 31 May, IB Translations team will hit the road taking part in two classic rally competitions of the Season 2015.

Competitors will start off from TSUM (Teatralnaya metro station) at 1 pm on 24 May and from Metropol hotel (Lubyanka metro station) at 12:30 pm on 31 May. The crews will arrive to the site several hours before the start to showcase their amazing vintage vehicles. Spectators and fans are invited to gather at 10 am to support the team.

This year's classic rally turned out to be a short one for both organisers and teams. It will have only two stages with a one-week interval in between. On 24 May, IB Translations team will come to the starting line to compete for the Classic Car Rally Cup, and in just one week's time, on 31 May, will take part in the Chopard Rally. The crew is made up of Mikhail Tsyferov (driver) and Konstantin Golota (co-driver).

Just like in the previous season's rally, the team will proudly drive ZAZ-965A V4 887 Pumpkin Special LE made by ZAZ in 1967 to mark 50 years since the October Revolution and decked out in the corporate colours of IB Translations.

Mikhail Tsyferov, driver: “Season 2015 will hardly be a walk in the park for us. The most important thing right now is that we are aware of our vulnerabilities and understand how to deal with them. There is no magic button to start winning straight away. One cannot buy time and experience, so we have to take certain steps, go through particular stages. But after that we will be able to fight for top results in the long run. Our car obviously lacks some speed now. The deficit is mostly caused by the power train – on a straight road, our speed is far from maximum, but we will ratchet up moving ahead step by step. We all work in sync as a tight team and are truly devoted to the project. No one panics in such a tense moment. I believe that 24 May will bring a notable step forward. On 31 May, the engine power is not that important, so we are set to have an enjoyable and successful city race. I expect the next two stages to be very exciting.”

Konstantin Golota, co-driver and team owner: “Thanks to hard pre-season work the team managed to introduce some technical innovation that the competitors just don’t have, such as, for example, seat-heating mats for the crew. However, we are not quite sure we will be using the innovation at the first stage, as not all the tests have been completed yet. Besides, our experts continued engine works and, as a result, the engine works! Engine comes to the forefront this season as a force to propel the vehicle ahead. We decided not to make any major structural modifications, so this season comes as an evolution rather than revolution for the car. After lengthy discussions at the technical headquarters, the team resolved not to change the number or location of wheels, but did change the car horn sound that our fans will definitely appreciate.

We can’t wait to see you near TSUM at 10 am on Sunday 24 May and around Metropol starting 10 am on 31 May.

On to victory!”

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