Night Moscow / 2014

On Saturday of 26 July, the IB Translations team will once again compete in the annual Night Moscow rally. Our crew includes Mikhail Tsyferov (driver), Konstantin Golota (co-driver) and Varvara Ivanova (crew member). All racing fans are invited to gather at 6:00–8:30 pm at the Ukraina Hotel (Kiyevskaya Metro Station) to support the team. 

Photos from last year’s event: As you may remember, last year we came in 34th in the overall standing and 28th in the group standing (out of 54 and 42 cars, respectively). This year, we are aiming for a better result. We almost took 2nd place at the previous rally at the beginning of June, when we had to retire from the race. We will do our best to maintain that momentum.

The event is dedicated to the Rolls-Royce car brand. The team will be driving a "Rolls-Roys 965A Blue Spirit", decked out in the corporate colours of IB Translations (the Cadillac's body was replaced after being damaged in the previous rally).

Mikhail Tsyferov, driver: “The crew decided to wear camouflage face paint (see the photo) to be less noticeable in the dark. The plan is to utilise a surprise manoeuvre. Our Rolls-Roys 965A Blue Spirit is a fine product of the Ukrainian automotive industry, manufactured in line with its long tradition of excellence. Ukraine has historically had a vibrant racing culture. We will spare no effort to win this race. With a reliable car such as ours, the only thing left to do is find the best route.”

Konstantin Golota, co-driver: “A reliable car is very important at a night rally. The route may be tricky. You need to be brave enough to drive at high speeds exceeding 100 km/h through the dark of the city night. We hope our supporters will come to cheer for us. It’s always so inspiring to see a bevy of IB Translations flags at the stands! We believe they will be supportive no matter what happens. And we do hope that nothing bad happens!”

Varvara Ivanova, crew member: “I’m an old friend of the Pumpkin (and the one who came up with the name), so it’s a big pleasure for me to take part in the night rally. I’m sure I’ll make myself useful.”

The opening ceremony will take place on Saturday, 26 July, at 6:00 pm at the Ukraina Hotel (Kiyevskaya Metro Station). The cars will be starting at 8:00 pm, leaving in one-minute intervals. They are due to finish at 11:00 pm at the start point.

Everyone is welcome to attend the exhibition of cars and the start of the race at 6:00 pm. For live updates, visit our Twitter page @golota82 (

Onwards to victory of communism

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