# Rally

# Rally

# Rally / 2015 / 12th place in the Oldtimer standing (14th place in the overall standing)

We finished 14th in the Classic Car Rally Club Final 2015 and 12th in our group, with 41 and 31 teams competing, respectively. Despite missing one race, we successfully completed the season making it into the Top 10 in the team standings, while also ranking among the best 15 drivers and co-drivers.

# Rally / 2015 / 4th place in the Old-timer ranking

Yesterday’s race saw IB Translations team not just take part in a classic rally, but excel at it outperforming many, including themselves. Coming fourth and, what is more important, doing this in the absolute standing is our all-time best result, as we never scored higher than being number 18 during the previous seasons. So hurray!

# Rally / 2014 / Classic Car Rally Finale: ranked 17th


Today, on 21 September, the IB Translations team took part in the annual Classic Car Rally Finale. Our crew included Pavel Nadeev (driver), Konstantin Golota (co-driver) and Varvara Ivanova (crew member).

# Rally / 2014 / Night Moscow: ranked 25th


This Saturday, on 26 July, the IB Translations team once again took part in the annual Night Moscow rally. Our crew included Mikhail Tsyferov (driver), Konstantin Golota (co-driver) and Varvara Ivanova (crew member).   

# Rally / 2014 / L.U.C Chopard Rally — no finish


Last Sunday, on 1 June, the IB Translations team took part in the second Classic Car Rally Cup. Sadly, we were forced to retire from the event due to an accident caused by another car. Our crew included Mikhail Tsyferov (driver), Konstantin Golota (co-driver) and Alexander Usoltsev (Twitter commentator).

# Rally / 2013 / Mercedes-Benz Classic Day — ranked 31st

Last Sunday, 22 September, the IB Translations team celebrated the World Car Free Day by participating in the last classic rally of the season – Mercedes-Benz Classic Day 2013 – and ranked 31st out of 34 participants in its category (preliminary results). Our crew included Stanislav Chetverikov (driver and accountant), Konstantin Golota (observer and IB Translations founder), Ivan Bogachev (Twitter feed translator), Alexander Golota (passenger and red tapist), Maria Kudinova (fan and admin) and her team, and Yulia Golota (fan and lawyer). 
Take a look at the photos from the race at: http://www.ridus.ru/news/109743/, http://mir24.tv/news/auto/8022691

# Rally / 2013 / IB Translations team comes 42nd in L.U.C. Chopard Classic Weekend Rally


During his visit to Moscow, Nixon agreed to run a race with Brezhnev. The following day, the Pravda newspaper made the following announcement: “Yesterday, Leonid Brezhnev, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Soviet Union's governing Communist Party, Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet, four-time Hero of the Soviet Union, and Richard Nixon, the US President, took part in the international peace run. Brezhnev finished second, while President Nixon came in second to last.”

Last Sunday, on 2 June, IB Translations team competed at its first annual classic rally. The crew was made of Konstantin Golota (driver and mechanic), Pavel Ezhov (co-driver and observer), Yulia Golota (passenger and assistant) and Ekaterina Andreeva (fan and spectator).

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